SWFL Craft Beer Week!

published September 3, 2021

09/03/2021 - 09/06/2021
All Day

Coastal Dayz Brewery

Arrr Ye Ready For A 3 Sheets To The Wind Weekend As We Awaken Our Barrel Aged Brews From Their Slumber?

Join us for SWFL Craft Beer week happening Labor Day weekend!!

Friday & Saturday Open 1pm-10pm
Sunday & Monday Open 1pm-9pm (SPECIAL HOURS)

3 Gulf Coast Pirates and 3 Barrel Aged Releases….

9/2, Friday @ 1pm – Black Beard’s Rum Porter
9/3, Saturday @ 1pm – Calico Jack’s Whiskey Porter
9/4, Sunday @ 1pm – Jose Gaspar’s Rye Whiskey Irish Red
9/5, Monday @ 1pm – BONUS BREW: For A Pirates Hangover Cure…A Scotch Ale.

Live Music:
Friday @ 5pm – Ronn Daniels
Saturday @ 5pm – Gwen Mcmillin
Sunday @ 4pm – Tim Heard
Monday @ 2pm – Kenny Giordano

Friday @ 5pm – Let’s Talk Waffles
Saturday @ 1pm – The Hummingbird Table
Sunday @ 2pm – Let’s Talk Waffles
Monday @ 1pm – Toddy’s Culinary Creations

Beer Descriptions:

Black Beard’s Rum Porter:
Blackbeard is our house Pirate’s Porter aged in a rum barrel for many months which added a sweet alcohol essence to this already chocolaty robust porter to form one delicious beverage.

Calico Jack’s Whiskey Porter:
Calico Jack is our house Pirate’s Porter aged in a heaven hill bourbon barrel for many months which imparted its’ bourbon aroma and taste to Calico. This robust beer is home to notes of chocolate and coffee while maintaining a rich and malty creamy taste.

Jose Gaspar’s Rye Whiskey Irish Red:
This brew was designed for all pirates alike. With a subtle alcohol warming you’ll notice the flavorful contributions from the barrel. While the rich malt bill provides toffee and caramel notes, the barrel adds a different level of complexity that can only be experienced by enjoying a glass yourself!

BONUS BREW: For A Pirates Hangover Cure…A Scotch Ale:
This strong scotch ale (also known as a wee heavy) weighs in at a robust 8.4% showcasing the capabilities of a multitude of malts blended to create one highly viscous, caramelized beer. Don’t let the abv shock you though, the harmony of malts plays well with the alcohol and even holds a subtle sweetness. What better way to cure a hangover than with a wee heavy!